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As a One Stop Shop, Electric Ireland Superhomes offers four tailored services to meet the unique needs of homeowners across Ireland. All our services are conducted by our in-house team of experienced retrofit advisors, experts, and engineers. With their expertise, we aim to make your home warmer, more comfortable, and energy-efficient, resulting in reduced carbon emissions. Our dedicated team also assists you in accessing the very best energy upgrade grants provided by SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland). 

Whole House Retrofit

Our Whole House Retrofit  service is specifically designed for houses constructed before 2005. To improve your home’s Building Energy Rating (BER), we begin with a comprehensive home survey. This survey enables us to gather detailed information about your home and tailor a retrofit plan accordingly. We then provide you with a fully costed Energy Report outlining the best value-for-money energy upgrades for your entire home. The installation of an air source heat pump, which serves as a core element, may be complemented by improvements like wall & attic insulation, windows, airtightness, advanced ventilation and Solar PV.

Heat Pump Plus+

Our Heat Pump Plus service is specifically designed for houses constructed from 2005 – 2010. We have a team of heat pumps plus experts dedicated to providing this service. Our approach involves conducting a thorough assessment of your home to create a customised heat pump plus plan. The solution will typically involve the installation of a state-of-the-art heat pump heating system, combined with basic insulation measures and the ability to generate your own electricity through Solar PV. 


If your contractor or architect is a registered retrofit partner of Electric Ireland Superhomes, we may be able to offer a consultancy service that combines a home energy upgrade with significant home improvements, such as renovations, extensions, or attic conversions. Our Consultancy team (led by Cori Calvert and Anthony Farrell, photo on the left) of experienced retrofit advisors and engineers collaborates with our partner architects and contractors to seamlessly integrate the home energy upgrade while the renovation, extension, or attic conversion work is being carried out. This approach provides customers with the flexibility to work with multiple experts towards a common goal of creating a warmer and cosier home. 


The dedicated Multiples team has been set up to fully support large-scale energy upgrade of the country’s existing housing stock by processing groups of dwellings at the same time.  

The Multiples team’s knowledge spans over 30 years’ experience within the industry. All the engineering team are fully qualified BER assessors and Retrofit Engineers, with knowledge and experience of retrofitting various types of houses/dwellings. 

The team provides retrofit services for Local Authorities (LAs), Approved Housing Bodies (AHBs) and Non-Corporate Landlords. 

By aggregating the retrofitting of multiple dwellings into a single project, economies of scale can be achieved, both in terms of the professional services (surveying, design etc.) and in terms of the retrofit installation works, to provide cost and time savings for the Client. 

Local Authorities (LA’s) 

For Local Authority clients, we can offer a range of services tailormade to their requirements and the particulars of the housing stock to be retrofitted.   

Our service includes everything from the initial survey, pre and post-BER, assessment of works required, heating design, completion of tender packages, pricing documents along with post-works inspections, PSDP services to quality assurance. We can also assist the Local Authority with DHLGH grant claims. 

Our services can be provided in return for agreed fees and /or through support available through the Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme (EEOS).  

Approved Housing Bodies (AHB’s) 

For Approved Housing Bodies (AHB’s), we can offer a range of services tailored to their individual needs. This would include providing an approved contractor, initial survey, assessment of works required, heating design, completion of tender package, pricing documents along with post works inspections, PSDP services to quality assurance. 

We provide a full one-stop-shop service (OSS) enabling AHB’s to avail of the SEAI One Stop Shop grants for houses that were built and occupied before 2011 and have an existing BER of B3 or lower. SEAI grant-supported retrofit measures include insulation upgrades (for roofs, walls, and floors), replacement doors and windows, mechanical ventilation, airtightness works, solar PV, Heat Pumps & Heating Systems. 

Approved Housing Bodies are eligible for higher grant amounts over and above those available to private homes and private landlords. 

Private (Non-Corporate) Landlords 

The Multiples team can also support Non-Corporate Landlords who are individual owners with a minimum of 5 properties to be retrofitted. 

For more information on the services the Multiplies team can provide, or to request a call back with any questions you may have, please contact:  


Electric Ireland Superhomes multiples team

Homeowner Stories

Homeowner Greg in front of his house

Greg, Co. Dublin

Greg lives in a 1950’s semi-detached house in Dublin. Following a deep retrofit with Electric Ireland Superhomes, his home went from a cold D2 BER to achieving the top BER rating of A1.

Homeowners Noel & Alison giving their testimonial about their experience with Electric Ireland Superhomes to Head Retrofit Advisor David and Brand Ambassador Hugh Wallace

Noel & Alison Badrian, Altmore House Apartment, County Offaly.

Six apartments have undergone retrofitting in County Offaly. In this case study, we’ll introduce you to Noel and Alison, homeowners of an apartment at Altmore House Apartment Complex. They have completed a retrofit, significantly improving the BER rating from C1 to an impressive A2.

Gary Tyrrell, Dublin City

Gary lives in a single storey semi-detached house in Dublin City. The home has been transformed through a deep retrofit which has increased the BER rating from a D2 up to the highest BER rating of A1.

John Penny - Home Owner

John Penny, Kildare

John Penny and family live in an early 1980’s detached house in Co. Kildare. Through the Electric Ireland Superhomes Heat Pump Plus service, John’s home went from a C2 BER rating to an A1 rated home.

Homeowners Junia and Feichin delighted after completing their home energy retrofit with Electric Ireland Superhomes

Junia and Feichín Kaiser-Frisby, Galway

Junia and Feichín bought a 1970’s 3 bed semi-detached house in Galway with a BER rating of E2 at the beginning of September with a plan to transform it from a cold home into a cosy forever home.

Sarah Collins, Mayo

Sarah is the new proud owner of her childhood bungalow which had great sentimental value to the family. It had become uncomfortable in recent times with a BER rating of F.

Cormac Madden & Family, Dublin

Cormac Madden & Family, Dublin

Cormac Madden & his wife Mary O’Toole upgraded their 4-bedroom Dublin home, starting in 2016. The original two storey had a BER rating of G when they first moved in.

Aoife and Paul Davey, Offaly

Aoife and Paul Davey, Offaly

Aoife and Paul live with their three children in a bungalow, built in the early 80s, just outside Shinrone, Co. Offaly.

Anja Murray, Dublin

Anja Murray, Dublin

Anja and her partner live in a semi-detached house in Dublin 8. As an ecologist, Anja is very passionate about the environment and was motivated to get energy upgrades to her home to take action against climate change.

Shay and Olive Aylward, Limerick

Shay and Olive Aylward, Limerick

Shay and Olive built their two story detached home in Newport on the outskirts of Co. Limerick by direct labour in 1976. Their home, which relied on a 1990’s oil boiler for heat, had an ‘F’ BER rating.

Joanne & Pat Clarke, Tipperary

Joanne & Pat Clarke, Tipperary

Joanne and Pat Clarke from Toomervara, Co. Tipperary retrofitted their 1960's bungalow in 2018 and prior to the retrofit, the house had a BER rating of 'F'.

Neil & Aileen Walker, Co. Dublin

Neil & Aileen Walker, Co. Dublin

Before Neil and Aileen Walker retrofitted their 1995-built timber frame house in Ballyboughal, North Dublin it had a C2 BER rating. “Not the worst but not great,” says Neil, an engineer.

Yvonne Doyle, Tipperary

Yvonne Doyle, Tipperary

Yvonne Doyle’s detached four-bedroom family home that she and her husband built near Templemore, Co. Tipperary in 2004 was never warm enough in winter.

The Hoyne Family, Tipperary

The Hoyne Family, Tipperary

Seamus and Aileen Hoyne’s primary motivation in retrofitting their house was to improve their 165 square metre home near Roscrea, County Tipperary, where they live with their four young children.

Charles Stanley Smith, Tipperary

Charles Stanley Smith, Tipperary

Longtime environmentalist Charles Stanley Smith pondered for years about how to stop using oil-fired heating and to improve the energy efficiency of his detached two-story home in Dromineer, Co Tipperary.

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