EP3: What is a Heat Pump?

The third episode of our new podcast “The Retrofit Podcast” has just been released, featuring Michael O’Rourke, our Head of Contracting & Safety, Tom Bean, Director of Innovation & New Products at Electric Ireland, Shane Toye, Specification and Consultant Sales at Mitsubishi Electric Ireland and John Valentine, General Manager at Crystal Air. 

In this week’s episode, our panel discusses what is a heat pump and how it works. We’ve gathered a panel of experts who will guide you through your heat pump journey to get your house heat pump ready.

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Electric Ireland Superhome’s “The Retrofit Podcast” will air every Thursday as retrofitting experts share their knowledge and experiences. They will walk you through real-life case studies that showcase the incredible transformations homes can undergo with the right retrofitting strategies. 

Our podcast is set to continue for another three exciting weeks, with a fresh guest featured on each episode. This will include experts in heat pumps, retrofit advisors, experienced contractors, and even a chat with our brand ambassador, Hugh Wallace. 

For more information on retrofitting go to: https://electricirelandsuperhomes.ie/our-services/#whole-house-retrofit  .

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