EP1: Retrofitting & SEAI Grants

Welcome to the first episode of our ‘The Retrofit Podcast’, featuring David Flannery, our Head of Retrofit Advisory.  

In this episode, David shares his experience in the retrofitting industry, where he’s been instrumental in helping Electric Ireland Superhomes’ customers grasp the ins and outs of retrofitting, the benefits of the One Stop Shop approach, and SEAI home energy upgrade grants available. 

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“The Retrofit Podcast” brought to you by Electric Ireland Superhomes will air every Thursday as retrofitting experts share their knowledge and experiences. We will walk you through real-life case studies that showcase the incredible transformation to a ‘Superhome’ with the right retrofitting advice and expertise. 

The podcast will run for six weeks featuring a new guest each week. This will include experts in heat pumps, retrofit advisors, experienced contractors, and even a chat with our brand ambassador, Hugh Wallace. 

For more information on retrofitting and SEAI grants go to: https://electricirelandsuperhomes.ie/what-is-a-retrofit/ .You can also follow us on social media at the link at the bottom of the page and via the hashtag #TheRetrofitPodcast.

Grants offered are provided by the Government of Ireland through the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI)


The Retrofit Podcast

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