Architect Hugh Wallace and Head of Retrofit Advisory David Flannery

Make Your Home Energy Efficient with Electric Ireland Superhomes

Get ready for winter with Hugh Wallace’s energy-saving solutions. Hear more of his insights at the PTSB Ideal Home Show.

As winter approaches, there’s nothing quite like the cosy feeling of being wrapped up in a warm blanket, sipping on a hot cup of tea, and enjoying the comfort of your home. However, with the dropping temperatures, our homes can become cold and uncomfortable, prompting us to wonder how we can enhance home comfort while also being environmentally conscious.

As a Brand Ambassador for Electric Ireland Superhomes, I will introduce you to the home energy solutions I’ve explored and learned about through their fantastic team of experts, while work continues on my own home renovation.

Why Does Retrofitting Matter?

Retrofitting involves carrying out a number of energy upgrade measures in one installation to achieve a warmer, more comfortable, energy-efficient home with a BER rating of between B2 and A1. With Electric Ireland Superhomes, a home energy upgrade is done by looking at the overall effect of a combination of energy measures, which are designed in such a way that they work together successfully.

Each type of house requires a unique approach. In my case, I am renovating an old home with sustainability in mind, but there are tailored solutions for different types of houses based on your specific needs. I would say that the key to successful retrofitting is identifying areas of improvement to your home. Electric Ireland Superhomes, a heat pump-led home retrofit One Stop Shop, provides expert advice that can help you understand where your home could benefit from retrofitting.

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